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Carrocerias Ayats SA

Looking at the future

As our 115 years of history show, Carrocerías Ayats is a company constantly evolving, and that always takes into accounts the needs of all its stakeholders.

Our latest innovations show our commitment with the environment and with renewable means of propulsion.

Thanks to our investments in new technologies, we are able to keep our products at the forefront of the industry, becoming the first European company to comply with the tilt test on a double-decker.

We are always eager to engage on new projects and we hope to keep growing on a sustainable manner, adding new collaborators that help us overcome our challenges as well as society’s.

Since 1905

Since our foundation in Arbúcies (Girona) in 1905 we have walked a very long way until we have established our company as a synonym of quality and reliability. We currently have 3 factories in 2 different countries, we employ 150 people and we have thousands of vehicles circulating in over 20 countries.

Specialists in Double-Deckers

Carrocerías Ayats has been a leading Company in the bus and coach manufacturing industry for more than 115 years. Our passion for engineering and our will to overcome ourselves have taken us to the forefront of the sector, with high quality products and high-end solutions.

Innovation and Excellence

Innovation and excellence are our standards when it comes to fulfill our customers’ needs. Our specialty are double-decker buses and coaches, from urban to international trips and designed to provide the highest comfort and reliance. We can build a body on any chassis, make us able to satisfy any of our customers’ needs. With the goal of fulfilling the most demanding expectations of our clients, our special bus and coach division designs and builds individual vehicles for clients with very particular demands. Carrocerías Ayats is the first European manufacturer to be awarded the r.66 tilt test for double-deckers.

Bus and Coach manufacturers since 1905