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AYATS introduces in Spain the INTERCITY together with MOVENTIS-SARFA

MOVENTIS group has just bought for SARFA the first unit of the AYATS INTERCITY in Spain, a really successful vehicle in European countries like Germany or Italy. This integral AYATS double decker bus (body+chassis) is unique in Europe, since its Low-Floor chassis allows an exclusive versatility in the market. Powered by Mercedes-Benz engine and ZF Ecolife gearbox, there are 3 lengths available: 11,5 meters and 82 seats+D, 13,20m and 96+D and 14,20m and 106+D. Furthermore, there is an optional that allows some seats to be exchanged in a modular way for internal structures for carrying luggage. You can watch the promo video for the 11,5 meters in and soon, in the same channel, the video for the long vehicle.